Where To Buy Royal Jelly

Not everyone has the convenience of buying royal jelly from a local beekeeper. If you do, you are fortunate. Buy local and you'll get a better quality product.

But for the rest of us, we have the option of buying either from online vendors or from local health food stores. Be sure to buy only from reputable sources, and find out where and how the royal jelly is harvested. If the seller cannot or will not disclose that information, don't waste your time or money there. Keep searching.

When buying online or at a health food store, only purchase cold processed royal jelly. It should not have been pasteurized or highly processed. Freeze dried or frozen is the best form. That process removes most of the liquid in a cold environment, without harming the nutritional value of the substance.

Freeze dried royal jelly is available in powder form or in capsules. You can also buy frozen royal jelly, but it's a bit more expensive because it requires extra packaging and ice packs to keep it cold during shipment.

In addition to buying royal jelly to ingest internally, there are also royal jelly products that can be applied topically for numerous benefits. Some of these include shampoo and conditioner, and even face cream.

Before you make a purchase, you may want to learn about the health benefits of royal jelly to know what you're getting into.

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