Where To Buy Chia Seeds -
Three Places To Look

If you have never tried chia seeds before, you probably don't know where to buy chia seeds. That's because most supermarkets and grocery stores don't sell them.

But you can find them in some health food stores, possibly at a local farmer's market, or online. Once you know the advantages and disadvantages of each source, you will be able to make an informed decision about where to buy chia seeds.

Health Food Stores

The first place you can look for chia seeds is at a local health food store. Each store is different, so you might not necessarily find these seeds at your local health food store, but it's worth a try.

The advantage of getting chia seeds from a health food store is that you don't have to pay for shipping (as you would online) or wait for them to arrive in the mail. You can buy them right away and begin introducing them into your diet immediately. Just make sure that you read the label and ensure that the seeds are not genetically modified or tampered with in any way. And they should be organic, so that you can get the highest amount of health benefits from them.

Local Farmer's Market

Another place where you might be able to buy chia seeds is at a local farmer's market. A lot of times, foods sold at such places are grown locally, which means they may not have been processed as much as they would have to be if they were sold in stores.

The disadvantage of this is that you may not have a farmer's market in your area, and even if you do, they may not sell chia seeds. So what can you do if there are no stores in your area that sell chia seeds? There is still one more source you should consider.

Online Stores

You can always turn to the internet if you can't find chia seeds locally. There are plenty of websites online that sell these amazing seeds. As you would do when buying from any store online, do your due diligence and get to know the online vendor before you buy from them.

Some questions to ask about the place you are considering buy from are: Do they grow the seeds themselves, or are they reselling them? If they are reselling them, what do they have to say about how the seeds were grown and harvested? A trustworthy online store will be glad to tell you about where the seeds come from. Click here to see my recommended chia seed source.

There are many places you can find chia seeds for sale. You may have a health food store closeby, or a local farmer's market. If you can't find either in your area, you can certainly find an online store that sells them. Now that you know where to buy chia seeds, consider learning some of the health benefits of chia seeds.

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