Where To Buy Blue Green Algae

Are you starting to get excited about how AFA blue green algae can benefit your health? If so, by now you are probably wondering where to buy blue green algae so you can start consuming it soon.

This amazing algae can be found several places online, and possibly even in your local area. Once you know where you can find this algae, you will be prepared to decide which place you want to purchase it from.

Klamath Blue Green

This is a well marketed website that seems to be quite popular on the web. Their prices are some of the best you can find for AFA blue green algae powder. According to their website, they put a great deal of effort into to the harvesting process to ensure that the resulting algae is free of dirt and other such things, and that it retains as much of its original nutritional value as possible.

So if you are looking for a low-cost, reliable source of AFA blue green algae, KlamathBlueGreen.com seems to be a winner. However, they are not the only good, reliable source out there. Let's talk about another great source.


This company gets its AFA algae from the same place as KlamathBlueGreen.com. On the same note, based off of the information I read on their website, they take great pride in using the most effective harvesting methods so that the AFA algae doesn't loose much nutritional value.

SimpleXity offers a variety of options to consume algae. For example, in addition to powder alone, they also offer algae energy bars, and various other algae-based products.

One way that SimpleXity differs from KlamathBlueGreen.com is the way they market their algae. You can actually earn money if you tell your friends about AFA algae from SimpleXity and they place an order through you. Though this may not appeal to everyone, it may be something to consider if you have a passion for healthy eating and also are looking for a way to earn some money, too.


Lastly, you may find AFA blue green algae in your local area, most likely at a health food store. However, it's not always as easy to find the algae powder as it is to find it in capsule or tablet form.

AFA algae is sometimes used as a significant ingredient in green powder mixes, so keep you eye out for powder mixes, and check the ingredients list to see if AFA algae is in it. It may be called "AFA blue green algae" or by its full name "Aphanizomenon flos-aquae", or maybe just "blue green algae."

Be aware, however, that spirulina is also considered a "blue green algae" so seek to find clarification if you're not sure whether the label is referring to spirulina or AFA algae.

Thankfully, AFA algae's growing popularity has made it easier to find online and locally. Now that you know where to buy blue green algae, you are closer to being ready to make your first purchase. Do some more research if you'd like, and when you're ready, give it a shot. It's worth it!

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