Where To Buy Bentonite Clay

If you've been doing your research and are finding out how amazingly healthy it can be to consume bentonite clay, then you're probably eagerly wondering where to buy bentonite clay. The good news is, there are many places to find it, if you simply know where to look.

The two main places to look are at local health food stores, and online. But first, it's important to know what knid of clay you should be looking for, and to decide whether you want it in powder or hydrated form. Once you know what the differences are, you will be better prepared to shop around, whether that happens to be online or in a store.

Powder Or Hydrated

Before you drive to a store or start shopping online, it's important to understand the difference between getting clay in powdered form or in hydrated form.

If your intention is to apply clay to your body externally, you probably want the powder form. This allows you to mix the clay into many different consistencies. For example, you may want to prepare a very thick paste to apply to a wound or sunburn, but using it to make your own toothpaste, or to rinse off your face, may call for a thinner paste. Also, if you want to make a clay bath, starting with the powder form allows you to put in the exact amount of powder that you desire.

On the other hand, clay that is already hydrated (mixed with water, in liquid form) is more convenient for internal consumption. All you have to do is pour yourself a glass, and drink it (or further dilute it, if necessary).

Shop Online

One place where you can buy bentonite clay is from stores online. This, of course, gives you the widest selection of choices. Some of the more popular and reputable sources are Redmond Clay, Living Clay Co, and Earth's Living Clay. Of course, searching for bentonite clay on Amazon.com comes up with a wide range of choices, and the prices are competitive.

Shop Locally

Believe it or not, you may find the best price getting bentonite clay locally at a health food store. Online, you usually have to pay for shipping, and on at item with such a low price, the cost of shipping might bump the price higher than what you can pay locally.

Obviously, selection and availability will differ from store to store, but there are a lot of health food stores that sell both powdered clay as well as already hydrated clay.

Most people should have no problem finding places to purchase bentonite clay. The widest selection of brands and options are available online, but you might be able to find a better deal at your local health food store. But before you make your purchase, make sure you know which form you really want - powdered clay, or hydrated clay. And if you plan to consume it, make sure the container says that it is consumable! Not all clay is edible.

Now that you know where to buy bentonite clay, I encourage you to shop around locally first, and then extend your searching to the world wide web. Happy searching!

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