Side Effects of Bee Pollen

Most people don't have to worry about any potential side effects of bee pollen. But it's good to be aware of the potential dangers ahead of time and to take proper measures to ensure safety.

Bee pollen is not for pregnant women, nursing mothers, or anyone allergic to bee stings.

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If you already know that you are alergic to pollen or bee stings, then it's probably not in your best interest to take bee pollen. There are plenty of other wonderful healthy foods you can consume instead!

It almost feels pessimistic to even discuss potential side effects of bee pollen, because...
1) It has so many health benefits, and
2) The side effects are relevant only to a miniscule percentage of people.
...but it is important to discuss because some people's bodies may react adversely to this superfood.

Potential side effects may include breathing problems, itchy throat, sweating, rash or other skin problems, headache, dizziness, etc. If you notice any of these, or other, side effects after taking bee pollen, discontinue use immediately and seek professional help

Important tip: If you are concerned that you may experience these side effects, but still want to give it a try, put just a few granules of bee pollen above or below your tongue, let it dissolve, and observe your body's reaction. This way, any side effects are minimized, and if you experience nothing undesirable, you can try some more.

As always, you (not me) are responsible for your own health and safety. I know from personal experience and plenty of research that bee pollen is a very healthy superfood that many can benefit from, and I thus encourage you to give it a try. But you are responsible for your own actions (I have to say that for legal reasons).

Hopefully all this talk about potential side effects of bee pollen hasn't discouraged you from learning more about it. You can continue your research by learning about some of the health benefits of bee pollen.

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