Royal Jelly Shampoo
Helps Your Hair And Scalp

Just as royal jelly is an effective tonic to the skin, it also has a remarkable effect on hair.

Most royal jelly shampoo on the market is comprised of a mixture of royal jelly with other ingredients, such as honey, grapefruit seed extract, aloe vera, etc. The other ingredients provide their own benefits, and together they all provide a powerful healthy impact on your scalp and hair.

The royal jelly in shampoo makes the hair silky and smooth, and it has a moisturizing effect, too. At the same time, it has a beneficial effect on the scalp. So if you're dealing with a dry scalp or frazzled hair, give royal jelly shampoo a try.

Although this shampoo may not grow new hair on your scalp, it does help to promote hair and scalp health, which may have the effect of decreasing further hair loss.

If you have pets with hair or fur, such as cats, dogs, or rabbits, give them a bath in royal jelly shampoo. The healing properties of royal jelly help to strengthen the hair and skin, sometimes reducing shedding. That's especially helpful if you have indoor pets!

Royal jelly shampoo for pets may be found at some pet stores, or online. For humans, look at a health food store or browse the web to find a reputable online dealer.

And while you're at it, go ahead and learn about some of the health benefits of royal jelly when ingested internally.

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