Redmond Real Salt - Good Or Bad?

After reading about Himalayan pink salt and why it is far superior to table salt, you may be wondering what the deal is with Redmond Real Salt. It is a fabulous salt, just like Himalayan pink salt. Let me explain where it comes from, and why it is superior to traditional table salt. Once you know the facts, you will better understand why Redmond Real Salt is a very smart choice.

Where Redmond Real Salt Comes From

According to Redmond Trading Company's website about Real Salt, Real Salt is collected from salt deposits located in Utah. It does not come directly from the water.

Much like Himalayan pink salt, Real Salt comes from deposits that were formed a very long time ago, not from presently existing bodies of water. Therefore, the salt deposits have had time to compress, and have turned into a special crystalline structure. This is one of its attributes that makes it so much healthier than traditional table salt.

Why Redmond Real Salt Is Better

You can read more about the benefits of pink salt (both Real Salt and Himalayan salt are pink salts) as opposed to table salt in my article Himalayan Salt vs Table Salt, but in summary, salt that has crystallized over a period of time has turned into a form that the body is more readily able to accept. In other words, it has a much larger positive impact on the body than table salt does.

Plus, it is loaded with more than 70 minerals, all of which are beneficial to the body, and most of which do not exist in table salt. This provides the body with many of the minerals it needs for optimum health and well-being.

But What About Himalayan Pink Salt?

Himalayan salt and Redmond Real Salt are both "pink salt," meaning they are mined instead of being taken directly from the sea. They both have the plethora of minerals that salt naturally has, and they both have been compressed over time to improve the salt's molecular structure. So which is better? In my opinion, they are equally good. And they are both equally superior to traditional table salt.

Real Salt can be a great addition to your diet. In fact, it's a great idea to completely replace your use of table salt with Real Salt or Himalayan salt. Doing so will provide your body with more minerals and can improve your body in many other ways as well. Now that you know that Redmond Real Salt is so healthy, I encourage you to consider ways that you can include it in your diet.

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