Healthy Places To Eat Out

If you are planning on doing some traveling but still want to maintain a healthy diet while away from home, then there are a few restaurants and food sources you should be aware of.

A few restaurants and food sources I would like to bring to your attention are Froots, Subway, sushi restaurants, vegan or vegetarian restaurants, and roadside stands. After reading this article, you should have a more comprehensive understanding of what your healthy food options are when you are traveling, or when you simply don't feel like preparing food at home.


Although some people may think of going to Froots just when they want a mid-day snack, you can actually have a full meal at this place. Even a large smoothie gives you a small-yet-nutritious meal. But some stands also offer salads and wraps, which can make a meal feel even more complete.

What separates Froots in my mind from other smoothie stands is that they use real fruit, not "fruit flavorings." If you choose the right smoothie, your smoothie could contain only fruit, juice, and yogurt, which are all healthy things to eat.


There are so many choices available at Subway, some healthier than others. What's great about Subway is that they use fresh vegetables. With lettuce, tomatoes, olives, and much more available, you definitely have some healthy choices available to you. Even though the vegetables are not organic, and the bread may not be the healthiest, a sub from Subway is definitely healthier than food available at huge fast food joints.

Of course, keep sodas, chips, and cookies out of your order if you want to avoid unhealthy food. A 6 inch or footlong sub filled with only vegetables is a great choice.


You may tend to feel cautious about choosing sushi, and that's okay. It's good to be selective on where you eat sushi. But if you can find a trustworthy, high quality sushi restaurant, you can get some really healthy raw seafood to introduce healthy fats and plenty of antioxidants into your meal.

If the high price of sushi has you thinking twice, consider having just one meal of sushi. The potent healthy fats you'll get from that one meal are worth every penny.

Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants

These may be difficult to find, but they're worth the trip if you can find one in your area or on you path of travel. Most people who look for these types of restaurants are vegans or vegetarians, but even those who simply want to minimize the amount of meat in their diets can benefit from going to a vegan or vegetarian restaurant.

As with any restaurants, some items on the menu are healthier than others. A salad of fresh vegetables is a great choice, but there are many other healthy choices, too.

Roadside Stands

Many people wouldn't even think about roadside stands when considering where to eat out. But these are great places to find fresh fruits and vegetables that can be eaten just as they are, or prepared however you'd like. This could really be the healthiest choice out of all the options I've mentioned so far. Look for roadside stands that sell fresh, organic fruits and veggies.

A couple fruits like bananas, apples, and blueberries could make a great, healthy breakfast, or a mid-day snack. Veggies like broccoli, peas, or green beans could make a delicious, healthy lunch or supper. Take time to eat slowly and savor the flavors so that your body can make best use of all the healthy nutrients you are consuming.

As you can see, there are many healthy food options available for those traveling or those who simply prefer eating out. Places like Froots, Subway, or vegan/vegetarian restaurants all provide easy healthy food at a reasonable price. Roadside stands seem to be one of the best options because you may be able to get whole organic fruits or vegetables.

Now that you know what your options are to eat out, you should be more confident about choosing where to eat for your next meal, or during your next travel adventure.