Himalayan Pink Salt Uses, Externally And Internally

If you are aware of the wonderful health benefits of himalayan pink salt, then by now you are probably wondering how to use it. After all, what good does it do to know how good something is but then never use it?

A few Himalayan pink salt uses include mixing it in water for a drink, using it in toothpaste, or using it in a bath. Once you know about each of these uses, you will have a better idea of which methods you may want to utilize.

Himalayan Pink Salt Drink

Some people drink mixtures of water with pink salt for the purpose of detoxification, usually as part of a detox program. I strongly recommend doing plenty of preliminary research if you intend to drink a solution of pink salt and water, because it can cause some pretty strong detox reactions (quick elimination, for example)!

An article you may want to check out is "Pink Salt Flush" at TotalHealthSecrets.com. That article suggests a proportion of salt to water and some other advice on how to maximize its detoxifying capabilities.

Pink Salt In Toothpaste

Another one of several Himalayan pink salt uses includes mixing it with other ingredients to make a special toothpaste. There are plenty of toothpaste recipes that can include pink salt, but the salt itself is typically recommended in smaller proportions to other ingredients, which may include baking soda, food grade hydrogen peroxide, clay, essential oils, and many other things.

The salt can also be mixed in a special proportion with water and used as a mouthwash to cleanse the mouth and possibly help to whiten teeth.

Salt Water Bath

Besides the stress-relieving benefits of soaking in warm water in a bathtub for a while, further benefits can be obtained by adding healthy things to the warm water, such as Himalayan pink salt.

The quantity of pink salt you can mix in with the bath water varies between individuals, depending on how much you want to detoxify, and how long you'll be in the tub. Do your research before making any decisions, but dissolving one or two cups of pink salt in warm water is probably the most you want to use in a salt water bath. Most people don't require that much, though.

It's really exciting to think about the numerous ways that Himalayan pink salt can become a part of your life. Imagine how much healthier your body could be by simply introducing it to the wonderful minerals in pink salt!

Aside from using the salt in cooking and with food, it can also be mixed in water for an internal cleanse, mixed into a toothpaste, or mixed into a warm water bath. These are just a few of many Himalayan pink salt uses. Now that you know a few ways you can use it, consider which ways seem most interesting to you.

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