Organic Raw Milk Health Benefits

If you've done any research online or in health books about the health benefits of organic raw milk, you've probably noticed a huge debate. Some say milk should only be consumed raw, others say pasteurized milk is the only healthy option.

Raw milk is, quite simply, milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized. Pasteurization heats the milk to a point that kills harmful bacteria, but it also kills a lot of good components in the milk. The reason some milk is pasteurized is that it is filled with harmful substances, partly due to improper handling, but also because of the unhealthy conditions of the cows from which the milk is taken.

Homogenization uses pressure and filters to break up the cream in the milk so that it becomes thoroughly mixed with the milk itself.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Raw Milk

Because of it's amazing healing properties, raw organic milk has been used to aid treatment of serious diseases and sicknesses. Raw milk improves the quality of the body's blood, which makes the entire body healthy, thus naturally eliminating disease and sickness. Some sicknesses and diseases that have been successfully treated with raw milk include tuberculosis, hypertension, high blood pressure, anemia, cardiac diseases, and much more.

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But raw organic milk does more than help heal the body; it also helps maintain good health and improves the overall health of the human body. Raw milk is full of enzymes and beneficial bacteria. Together, they help the body to digest not only the milk, but also other foods that are ingested.

It also has the good kind of fat, which makes a person feel satisfied (full). When we feel full, we generally don't want to eat more food. So drinking plenty of raw milk as a part of a healthy diet can help maintain a healthy body weight.

Calcium, as you may already know, helps build strong bones and teeth. In order for calcium to be absorbed by the body, other nutrients (primarily phosphorus and magnesium) must be present to help the body utilize the calcium. But guess what? Pasteurized milk may have a bunch of calcium, but the heating process destroys a lot of the phosphorus and magnesium. And without those essential nutrients, most of the calcium simply passes through the body without being absorbed.

Raw milk, however, has the perfect proportions of both phosphorus and magnesium that the body needs to utilize the calcium. So, drinking raw milk (non-pasteurized) helps build strong, healthy bones and teeth.

Basically, raw milk specializes in helping the body regenerate itself (bones, muscles, tissues, immune system, etc).

The Best Type Of Milk To Drink

Now that you know all the great health benefits you can obtain by drinking raw organic milk, you're probably wondering how to determine which type of milk is best. If you're wondering: Is raw milk safe to drink? then keep the following tips in mind as you choose milk that has the least amount of health risks.

The best type of milk fits the following criteria:

  • Raw (not pasteurized or homogenized)
    Raw milk contains all the good proteins, mineral, acids, and enzymes, which are what give raw milk it's many health benefits.

  • Organic
    The cows that produce the milk should not be eating foods that contain pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics.

  • From pasture fed cows
    The cows should be eating grass from the pasture, and a minimal amount of grains. The food the cows eat effects the quality of the milk the cow produces.

  • From healthy cows
    The cows should be in a good, stress-free environment that decreases the risk of diseases. Hormones and antibiotics that are injected into the cows can make its way into the milk and into your own body, and can cause undesirable side-effects.

It's nearly impossible to find that kind of milk in supermarkets and grocery stores, but no worries... there are a host of farms that sell this highly nutritious form of milk. If you need help finding good local sources, I can give you some tips on where you can buy organic raw milk close to your home.

Fun Ways To Consume Organic Raw Milk

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There's more than just one way to enjoy the health benefits of raw organic milk! With some ambition and a little creativity, you can actually make your own raw milk cheese, raw milk yogurt, and raw milk butter. Or check online or in a local health food store if you'd prefer to buy these raw milk products already made.

It can get complicated making cheese or yogurt, especially for the beginner. But it's surprisingly easy and fun to make raw butter. Plus, depending on which method you use, you can get a lot of exercise in the process!

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, drinking milk in its purest form - fresh and raw - has a host of health benefits. Contrary to some people's beliefs, raw organic milk is not only healthier than pasteurized milk, but it also has lower health-risks than pasteurized milk. If you're looking to build and maintain a strong, healthy body that is free from sickness and disease, stay away from pasteurized milk and choose only organic raw milk, and drink lots of it.

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