Where To Find Organic
Fair Trade Coffee in Lancaster PA

If you are both a coffee lover and a health enthusiast, then I'm sure you've already heard of organic fair trade coffee. In this article, you will learn why organic and fair trade are important characteristics of healthy coffee, and we will also share two places where you can find such coffee if you happen to be in the Lancaster, PA area (this is where I happen to be located).

The Good Java Company

Good Java Company offers fair trade organic coffee, so you can feel good about every sip you take. Even their decaffinated coffee is safe and healthy, because no harmful chemicals are used in the process of decaffination (that's a big plus!).

You can find Good Java Company's healthy coffee at various stores in the Lancaster area, including Stauffer's of Kissel Hill, Darrenkamp's, Shady Maple, Savemart, Oregon Dairy, and more.

To learn more about the company and to buy coffee from their website, check out www.TheGoodJava.com

Square One Coffee

Looking for a place to sit down and unwind or meet with a friend over a cup of coffee? Check out Square One Coffee, located in the heart of Lancaster PA. It's a popular place to be, and rightly so, because the coffee not only tastes great, but it's healthy, too (it is organic and fair trade).

This place offers more than just cofffee. You can get hot chocolate, espresso, muffins, and more. To learn more about Square One Coffee, visit their website www.SquareOneCoffee.com

Why Organic?

Choosing organic coffee is important because it ensures that the beans have been grown without the use of conventional toxic chemicals, such as fertilizers, pesticides, and other such things. The result is a healthier coffee for you to drink, and a safer and cleaner planet.

Why Fair Trade?

Choosing fair trade coffee is also important, because it means that the workers who planted, tended, and harvested your coffee beans were compensated fairly for their hard work. Just as you want to be treated kindly while you do your work, and you also expect to be paid fairly, so also coffee workers want the same. Choosing fair trade makes sure this happens and continues to happen.

So if you find yourslelf in the Lancaster PA area and want to grab a cup of organic fair trade coffee, check out The Good Java Company, or Square One Coffee. Delicious sips of savory flavor await you!