Is Subway Food Healthy? Three Reasons Why I Believe It Can Be

If you're wondering if Subway is a healthy place to eat at, then you'll want to discover these three reasons why Subway may be a healthy choice for those traveling or on the go. There are many factors that may be taken into account to determine if a food is healthy or not, and these are just a few that I personally thought of. You will probably think of others.

The three reasons I consider Subway to be a generally healthy place to eat at, even though it's not as healthy as some other options, is that they use whole foods instead of ultra-processed foods, they use very few artificial ingredients, and they package it all into a tasty, attractive meal.

Whole Foods Are Best

The first reason I would like to mention to help you decide how healthy subway food is, is the fact that they use whole foods as ingredients. For example, whole tomatoes (chopped, of course), cucumbers, lettuce, olives, and so much more. These are much healthier than canned vegetables, or highly processed ingredients.

Even though these vegetables may not be organic or have as high of a nutritional value as farm-fresh vegetables, they still at least hold some natural nutritional value that the body can utilize.

Fewer Fake Ingredients

When whole foods are turned into a different form or are mixed into a new food, other harmful ingredients are usually added (preservatives, emulsifiers, flavors, dyes, and more). From what I hear, foods like chicken nuggets, sliced beef, and commercially processed beverages all have some very unhealthy ingredients in them.

Subway lets you choose what goes into your sub, so you have the ability to select only vegetables and no sauces, leaving out the unhealthy meat.

Taste Triumphs

Except for the few of us who are willing to eat healthy food no matter how it tastes, many of us prefer to eat tasty food. I think you'll agree that Subway has some pretty tasty options! That said, I encourage you not to let your taste buds rule your decisions. Think about what you are putting into your body. Following are some things to look out for.

Don't Get These Items...

Even though subs can have nutritional value in them, things like soda, chips, and cookies do not! If you're trying to make healthy choices, stick with just the sub. Even seemingly healthy items such as yogurt are not healthy choices, because they have been heavily processed and have many added unhealthy ingredients. (Of course, real, farm-fresh yogurt is very healthy! But you can't get that in restaurants like Subway.)

Those are just a few reasons that I consider Subway to be a healthy place to eat at. They definitely have some very unhealthy options, but the great thing is that you have the power to choose what goes into your sub. So you are able to make healthy choices and end up with a fairly healthy meal.

By choosing plenty of vegetables and little to no beverages, you can come up with a meal that not only tastes good, but has some nutritional value for your body to utilize. Now that you've thought about these ideas, I'll turn the question back over to you: "Is Subway really a healthy place to eat at?" You decide.