Is Raw Milk Safe?

There is plenty of evidence that raw milk has many health benefits, but you may still be wondering: Is raw milk safe to drink?

That is a valid concern. But it's important to realize that there is a huge difference between the milk you can get at the average grocery store and the milk you can get at a farm.

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Most of the milk in grocery stores comes from cows that are not raised in healthy conditions. This means that the cows have the potential to have diseases, and they are not fed with the proper nutrients that are essential for optimum health.

The result is that the milk they produce has very little nutritional value, and may be filled with bad bacteria. To solve that problem, the milk is pasteurized and further processed to kill the bad bacteria, but the problem with that "solution" is that it also kills the good bacteria and many of the other nutrients and vitamins in the milk.

However, milk that comes from farm-raised cows tends to be healthier and to have little health risks. Laws require that the cows be in healthy conditions, and the result is that the cows' milk is filled with good bacteria, nutrients, and minerals.

So to answer the question "Is raw milk safe?", that's a resounding YES, as long as you do your due diligence to research the farm that the cows are raised on to ensure that the milk is healthy and safe.

Maybe the more appropriate question to ask is, "Is pasteurized milk safe?"

Now that you're more confident about the safety of raw milk, the next step is to learn about the numerous health benefits of organic raw milk. Or maybe you're ready to find out where to buy raw milk close to your home.

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