Is It Safe To Eat Raw Eggs?

Especially if you've never consumed any raw eggs before, you may be concerned about the safety of eating raw eggs. But most concerns are based on false facts. So let's counter these misconceptions with the truth. The three main safety concerns people have are: the risk of salmonella, the high levels of cholesterol, and biotin deficiency.

First of all, it's important to understand that the salmonella risk is not exclusive to just raw eggs. Numerous different foods can contain salmonella, if the food hasn't been cleaned or properly prepared. So the way to deal with this concern is to avoid consuming food that has been improperly prepared.

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If you only consume raw eggs that come from healthy, farm-raised chickens (not commercially raised), the probability of getting salmonella is extremely unlikely.

The second concern some people have is about the high levels of cholesterol that are in eggs. Although there is a relatively high level of cholesterol present in eggs, the lecithin in the eggs helps the body process cholesterol. But when eggs are cooked, the chemical state of the cholesterol is modified to a form that is not healthy for the body.

Finally, some people are concerned that if they eat too many eggs, they could suffer from biotin deficiency. But by eating the egg yolk with the egg whites, the biotin in the body is not adversely effected. Only by eating the white by itself is there a possibility of loosing biotin.

The two most important things to keep in mind are:

  1. Only consume eggs that come from healthy, farm-raised chickens
  2. Only consume raw eggs, and consume both the egg yolk and the egg whites together

Not only are most safety risks of little concern, but there are also many health benefits of eating raw eggs. Learn how drinking raw eggs can improve your health.

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