Is Himalayan Salt Better For You?

There's more to salt than its chemical formula, NaCl. The differences between salts are so big that it's actually quite shocking!

If you're wondering, "Is Himalayan salt better for you?" then you will want to keep reading, because I will explain why it is so much healthier for you than table salt. Himalayan salt (a type of pink salt) contains all the original minerals with no additives, and it is molecularly structured in a better way than traditional table salt.

Many Minerals

Salt naturally has many different minerals in it. When you see pure white salt (also called "table salt"), you can tell it has been stripped of many of the minerals it was intended to be consumed with. Himalayan pink salt has more than 70 minerals in it, which the body can use to stay healthy and strong.

So why settle for a stripped-down, almost lifeless substance as table salt when you are able to give your body the minerals it needs by consuming Himalayan salt (pink salt)? And the flavor is so much richer with Himalayan pink salt, so there's really no reason not to switch over to Himalayan salt or some other form of pink salt.

You never know how your health could improve until you give the body what God intended for it to consume. Himalayan salt is one of those wonderful things that your body is intended to consume.

Crystallized Molecular Structure

A second reason that Himalayan salt is better for you is because of its molecular structure. Some substances change their molecular structure when put under great pressure over an extended period of time. Diamonds are a fine example of that. And so is Himalayan pink salt (or any pink salt, for that matter). Although salt still remains salt after being compressed, it does change into a different, much more beneficial form.

Himalayan salt is birthed out of a beautiful process: sea salt is deposited above sea level (usually the result of the earth's plates shifting) and exposed to sunlight, which gives it a unique energy that traditional sea salt doesn't have. It then gets compressed over time, and in that process of compression the salt molecules crystallize. In other words, the shape of the molecules change. And the new molecular structure is highly beneficial to the human body.

So in summary, to answer the question "Is Himalayan salt better for you?", the obvious answer is "Yes!" Two reasons are that it naturally includes a large amount of minerals that the body can utilize, and its molecules have crystallized, making the salt more friendly to the body.

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