How Bentonite Clay Removes Toxins From The Body

So you've been doing your research, and you've discovered that bentonite clay has an amazing ability to detoxify the body. Now you're probably wondering how bentonite clay removes toxins from the body.

Even though it's not absolutely important to understand the actual process that clay goes through to remove toxins, it is fascinating nonetheless. And we humans tend to get on board with exciting, fascinating things.

I would like to explain how I understand the process to work, based on the research I've done. I'll leave it up to you to make your own conclusions from what you learn.

Attraction And Elmination

We all know that magnets attract other magnets that are opposite in polarity. In other words, the positive side of a magnet will always attract the negative side of another magnet, and visa versa. The same principle is at work in clay as it passes through the body.

From what I understand, clay has a predominantly negative charge. Clay molecules are flat, and the flat surface is negatively charged. Only the thin edges around the molecule are positively charged. Many toxins, such as radiation, pollution, bad bacteria, etc., are positively charged. So naturally, those toxins are drawn to the clay through attraction.

When toxins join with clay molecules, the toxin-coated molecules are not able to be processed by the digestive system, so they are simply eliminated or flushed out of the system. In other words, both the clay and the toxins are dumped out the other end, thus removing toxins from the body.

How is this different from other detox programs? Clay is unique because it removes toxins mechanically through attraction. Many (not all) detox programs work off of the principle of supporting the body's natural ability to eliminate toxins. And that's great! But what's attractive about clay (pun intended) is that it does not require the body to expend as much energy.

In other words, even though there's always a possibility of experiencing detox symptoms no matter how you detoxify, people that detox with clay tend to have fewer and less severe symptoms (with some exceptions, of course).

Long Term Results

Properly consuming bentonite clay may have a positive long-term effect. Instead of having more toxins come into the body than can be expelled (not a good situation to be in), consuming clay regularly could possibly tip the scales and flush more toxins out of the body than are coming in.

Why is that important? Well, those who have been putting more toxins into their body than it can handle, probably have toxic reserves in their bodies. So once bentonite clay removes toxins from the alimentary canal and digestive system, it can then pull toxins from reserves in other parts of the body. This could not only help to prevent major health problems in the future, but it could also give you more energy and help you think more clearly.

That's how I believe bentonite clay removes toxins from the body. As you could expect, actual results vary from person to person. I am not here to tell you what will definitely happen if you consume clay. I am simply presenting ideas and information I have learned and believe to be true. Always do your research before making any major changes to your diet.

That said, I personally believe that bentonite clay has the ability to remove toxins through a process of attraction and elimination, and that consuming clay over a long period of time (months or years) can have a positive long-term effect on a person's health.

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