Three Health Benefits Of Spinach - And How To Easily Add Spinach To Your Diet

If you cringe at the thought of eating spinach because of its taste, you better take a second glance at the amazing health benefits of spinach. I'll even show you how to include it in your diet without even tasting it!

Spinach can protect your eyes from developing problems, they can improve the health of your blood, which effects your whole body, and they can support brain function, specficialy as it relates to your mood. Once you know about these health benefits of spinach and how to effortlessly include it in your diet, I think you will want to eat more of this abundantly healthy vegetable!

Protects Your Eyes

The first spinach health benefit is that it can protect your eyes against problems, such as cateracts or macular degeneration. Sometimes, when people have eye problems, they turn to fancy pills or supplements, and those can certainly help.

But how much more effective could it be to add spinach to your diet to multiply the effects of those supplements? Very soon, I will reveal how you can easily include spinach in your diet, and once you know that, you will be amazed at how easy it can be to use spinach to protect your eyes.

Healthy For Blood

fresh spinach in gardenImage: Simon Howden /

Another one of the health benefits of spinach is that it can improve the health of your blood. Your blood flows throughout your body, affecting every single part of your body. With healthy blood, your body is empowered to treat problems, improve the efficiency of normal bodily functions, and support endurance (strength and energy). The two ways that spinach improves the quality of your blood is by lowering high blood pressure and by balancing blood sugar levels.

Both problems - high blood pressure, and high blood sugar levels - can wreak havoc in the body, starting with the heart. But all that can be avoided in part by eating foods that support blood health, and spinach is certainly one food that does that.

Even if the only thing that spinach did was to support blood health, it would be worth eating for that reason alone. But that's not all spinach can do. There is still one more neat health benefit of spinach.

Mood Enhancer

It's no surprise that the brain has a big influence on the body, and specifically on your mood. When the brain is freed up to send important messages to the rest of the body, your mind is freed up to think clearly. Spinach does a lot to support brain health.

This amazing vegetable is rich in vitamin b6, which not only improves the function of the brain, but is also known to help improve your mood. So, one way to help keep your attitude in check is to eat plenty of spinach. But what if you don't like how it tastes? Glad you asked...

How To Easily Introduce Spinach Into Your Diet - Without Even Tasting It!

Some people don't like the taste of spinach, and that's okay. Taste can be disciplined, and you can actually teach yourself to appreciate the taste of spinach.

But if that's not your goal - if you simply want to consume spinach and obtain its health benefits without learning to enjoy its taste - then there is one simple and easy way to do just that: blend spinach in with a smoothie.

It doesn't have to be a lot. Start out with just one leaf, and then later on try a couple leaves. You'll notice that the overall taste of the smoothie is not greatly effected, and more imporantly, you probably won't even taste the spinach!

Spinach can have a tremendous impact on the health of the body. It can protect your eyes, improve the health of your blood, and maybe even enhance your mood. And it's easy to include in your diet. Just add a few leaves to a smoothie, and you'll hardly notice it's there!

Now that you know these three health benefits of spinach, start thinking about how you can include this amazing vegetable in your diet.