Health Benefits Of Raw Honey

To list all the practical uses and wonderful health benefits of raw honey would take pages and pages. Instead of going into extreme detail, let's just cover the basics here. If you desire to learn more, search online and you will find a wealth of knowledge.

Why Raw Honey?

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Raw honey is simply honey that has not been over-heated. Whether heated or unheated (raw), honey has many health benefits. However, heating honey can cause it to loose some of its health benefits.

So if you are consuming honey because you want to experience its health benefits, it's best to consume raw, unfiltered organic honey. Most honey in grocery stores is over-heated and filtered, so you'll have to do some looking around to find a local source of pure honey. If you can't find anything local, there are plenty of websites online from which you can buy raw organic honey.

Benefits Of Ingesting Raw Honey

Consuming raw honey by itself or with other foods or drinks can help the body in many ways. First of all, it is a perfect source of natural energy. If you're feeling a bit worn out after a long day or a difficult workout, mix some honey (about a teaspoon or two) into some water, and drink it. Or spread it on some bread or a cracker and eat it that way.

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When taken in moderation, honey can also help your body to digest other food that you consume. It does this by assisting the body in producing good bacteria in the stomach, which in turn improves digestion. So if you are suffering from digestion-related problems, consider introducing honey into your diet (but of course, seek professional health advice before taking any food to cure a health problem).

If you're trying to loose weight, honey can help. It provides the body with a natural source of energy that it knows how to use. So instead of using white, processed sugar or artificial sugar substitutes, consider using honey in your recipes.

When consumed as part of a healthy diet, honey can also strengthen the heart, improve blood circulation around the heart, improve blood quality, and reduce cholesterol.

If you're dealing with a cold or your throat is feeling sore, try gargling some honey-water. Mix a spoon of honey and some lemon juice in a glass of water, and gargle. This helps alleviate throat soreness, and could possibly kill the harmful bacteria that caused the soreness in the first place.

Keep in mind that honey is a very potent substance, so it is not good to eat too much of it. If your diet typically does not include honey, introduce it into your diet slowly, and let your body tell you how much is enough.

Also, be aware that some people are allergic to honey. If you are not sure if you are allergic, it is recommended that you find out before you consume significant quantities of raw honey or any honey product.

It is also recommended that children under the age of 2 not consume raw honey.

External Applications Of Raw Honey

Honey does a great job at pulling out impurities from the skin, and also moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin.

So its applications on the skin are numerous. For a great shampoo/conditioner, mix honey and olive oil together, and rub it in your hair. After letting it sit for a few minutes (or up to half an hour), rinse it out. Simple, natural, and effective!

You can also apply raw honey to a minor burn to help the skin heal itself.

Got chapped lips? Apply some honey to your lips and rub your lips together. This is a safer and healthier option than most lip balms available on the market, which usually contain chemicals that are not good for skin.

There are a bunch of honey-based products available online and in some stores (particularly health stores)... lip balms, face scrub, soap, and more.

If you prefer to make your own topical honey products, there are plenty of recipes online if you just do some searching.

As you can see, there are many ways you can introduce honey into your diet and your lifestyle. Now that you know some of the health benefits of raw honey, you're ready to learn why organic raw honey is better than non-organic.

And keep in mind that there are even more bee products that can benefit your body, including bee pollen and royal jelly (just do a search online, and you'll find lots of info).

"Eat honey, for it is good; the droppings of the honeycomb,
which are sweet to your taste." Proverbs 24:13 (WEB)

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