Three Health Benefits Of Pistachios

If you "can't eat just one pistachio" then you will be so glad to hear about three exciting health benefits of pistachios. These amazing nuts are full of protein, fiber, and antioxidants.

After reading this article, you will understand how each of these nutrients can play a vital role in keeping your body healthy and strong.

Plenty Of Protein

pistachio nuts in pileImage: Maggie Smith /

Protein-based products are very popular among athletes and those who enjoy working out. Pistachios provide a plentiful supply of protein, making it a great snack food for anyone who does a lot of physical activity on a regular basis.

Protein helps the body to rebuild muscles and tissues after a long workout. It also keeps them healthy and strong during regular physical activity. So whether you're nuts about exercise, or you simply want your muscles and tissues to be as healthy as they can be, be sure to include pistachios as part of your diet.

Full Of Fiber

It's pretty obvious that eating too much food will result in gaining weight. But it can be difficult to avoid gaining weight when the food you eat leaves you feeling even hungrier. That's the common story of many junk foods and snacks on the market today.

But pistachio nuts can help to solve that problem, because one of the greatest health benefits of pistachios is that they tell your stomach and brain that you are full. No, it isn't playing a trick on your mind; it really is filling your stomach. The reason that many junk foods don't make you feel full is that your body can't process the food, so it tries to send it back out.

However, since the body knows how to process the plentiful supply of protein and other nutrients in cashews, it makes you feel full, honestly. Not only is this good news for those trying to loose weight. It's also good news for those of us who simply want to maintain a healthy weight and feel satisfied at the same time.

Abounding In Antioxidants

Another health benefit of pistachios is that they are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants can help to defend your body (especially your heart) against free radicals that try to destroy the cells of your body. So it would be safe to say that pistachios are a heart-healthy food. Antioxidants also help blood to circulate more efficiently, again proving that it is helpful to the heart.

There are many health benefits of pistachios, and I have only mentioned a few. Pistachios help keep muscles strong and healthy, make you feel full and satisfied, and also protect your heart and blood. Now that you know these health benefits of pistachios, go ahead and grab a handful and chow down!