Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey

You may have heard of the apple cider vinegar and honey combination before, but maybe you're wondering: Why is it so healthy? Let me share two health benefits of apple cider vinegar and honey.

The vinegar nourishes and cleanses the body, and the raw honey gives you a natural, sustained energy boost. Once you understand these two health benefits, I will share a special recipe you can prepare that will flood your body with nutrition and energy! This stuff is amazing.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar For Nourishment

First of all, let's talk about raw apple cider vinegar (sometimes shortened to ACV). I love this stuff! And I'm not alone. I've heard testimonials from all kinds of people, from books and websites, sharing how their health has changed for the better because they started consuming apple cider vinegar.

Of course, nothing is a "cure all" just by itself, but ACV has apparently helped people more effectively deal with and avoid things like colds, digestive problems, some aches and pains, and so much more. Just do some simple research, and you'll see what I mean. And if you're interested, you can continue reading about more health benefits of apple cider vinegar with mother.

Raw Honey For Energy

Why pump your body with artificial sweeteners and energy drinks when honey can do the job without hurting your health! Honey is a natural substance, unlike fake sugars that trick your body into being alert, and then causing a crash afterward.

One of the reasons honey is such a better choice is because it gives your body nutrition to process, and it offers your body energy in a way that it can understand. In other words, your body was built to digest honey, not artificial sweetners.

A Powerful Combination

So, imagine combining those two incredible substances: raw apple cider vinegar, and raw honey. What a powerful combination! The health benefits of apple cider vinegar and honey together are mind boggling. Wondering what proportions to use and how often you can consume it? Check out this recipe...

Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey Recipe

There are many different proportions with which you can consume these wonderful substances, and there are many different times of the day you can choose. Do what you feel works best for you, and listen to your body's suggestions, too.

I find Bragg's suggestion to work really well for me. They list it on the label on their bottles of Braggs apple cider vinegar with the mother. May I suggest the following proportions, based upon Braggs recommendation...

  • 1-2 teaspoons raw apple cider vinegar (I personally recommend Braggs)
  • 1-2 teaspoons raw honey

Mix that together in 8 ounces (240ml) of purified water. If you want to really treat your body well, you could drink this mixture three times a day.

Whenever I offer suggested proportions and quantities, I always like to remind you that you are responsible for your own decisions, not me. Do your research and make an educated decision, and listen to your body.

Now that you know some of the health benefits of apple cider vinegar and honey, go ahead and give it a try! Imagine feeling healthier, stronger, and more alert, naturally.

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