The Easy Gardening Method

If you've been putting off making your own garden because you thought gardening is difficult and complicated, then you'll be glad to know that gardening can actually be easy!

With a few bits of knowledge, you'll be well on your way to spending less time maintaining your garden, and more time enjoying the fruits of your labors.

The Lasagna Method

It all starts with a simple concept: pile up layers of organic material to make a lasagna garden, and plant seeds in the top layer of compost. This method replicates the way Yahweh established forests and deserts to fertilize themselves by decomposing organic materials like leaves, branches, grass, etc. This natural life cycle produces an incredibly rich soil, just perfect for plants to flourish in.

No Tilling

A layered garden requires no tilling whatsoever. In fact, tilling would be counter-productive, because tilling disturbs the natural ecological balance of the soil, preventing water from properly absorbing into the topsoil, and creating a perfect environment in which undesirable weeds can grow.

Very Little Weeding

It's actually good to have some weeds in the garden, but not so much that they overtake the plants you really want to be growing. The reason weeds can be good is that they pull nitrogen and other good things from below the surface of the ground, bringing it up into the weed's stalk and leaves. Just cut or pull the weeds, and lay them on the surface of the ground. They will soon decompose, which re-introduces nitrogen into the topsoil.

But despite the beneficial characteristics of weeds, it takes unnecessary time to pull them out if they get out of hand. The solution? Plant everything close together, leaving little room for weeds to grow. Avoid allowing bare spots in the garden to remain bare. Spread some compost on the bare area, and plant something in that area.

No Need For Artificial Fertilizers

The only "fertilizer" you need for your easy garden is garden compost, which you can make on your own.

By starting out the garden with layers of organic materials, and by adding compost on an as-need basis, you eliminate the need for artificial and harmful fertilizers. Plants grow healthily and do not attract bad bugs, when they are planted in a garden filled with nutrient-filled soil.

Automatic Reproduction

After your easy lasagna garden has had a chance to flourish for a year or two, some plants will go to seed, and those seeds will drop into the soil. Next year, some of those seeds will naturally pop up, and now you have new plants without having to get out there and plant seeds.

The Conclusive Easy Gardening Guide

The best way to ensure the least amount of effort on your part is to follow the same ebook I follow, titled Food4Wealth by Jonathan White. In his ebook, Jonathan goes into just enough detail to help you understand how to build a successful easy garden that requires little effort to maintain.

Now that you know how easy it can be to make a garden, it's time to learn how to make your own lasagna garden.