Health Benefits
Of Drinking Raw Eggs

Could drinking raw eggs really be fun? We'll get to that in a moment, but let's first talk about why raw eggs are so healthy.

Raw eggs are filled with an abundance of vitamins, proteins, acids, and more (calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, and potassium, just to name a few!). And the beautiful thing is that all the components of a good healthy egg are designed to work together to give your body the nutrition it needs in exactly the right proportions. Now there's some proof of God's infinite wisdom!

All the good stuff in raw eggs can help our bodies in numerous ways. First of all, the nutritious components of raw eggs build up the immune system, which protects the body from viruses and harmful substances.

Secondly, raw eggs help build strong muscles. They are bursting with protein, and the awesome thing about it is that the protein is bioavailable, which simply means that the protein is in a form that the body can easily and efficiently process. Some people guzzle a couple raw eggs about 10 or 20 minutes before exercising to make best use of the proteins to help build healthier muscles.

In addition to building a stronger immune system and stronger muscles, raw eggs also contrite toward maintaining a healthy heart, healthy eyes, and effective digestion.

Where To Get Healthy Raw Eggs

Not all eggs have equal amounts of nutritional value. So if you want to get the most nutritional value out of the eggs you consume, there are a few things you need to keep in mind as you choose where you purchase the eggs, and how you consume them.

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First of all, most eggs in grocery stores are commercially grown, meaning the chickens that laid the eggs could have been injected with hormones, subjected to unnecessary stress, and fed junk food. And as you can imagine, unhealthy chickens lay unhealthy eggs. So it's best not to eat eggs from improperly raised chickens, not only because they have little health value, but also because of the risk of food-borne diseases.

So it's best to choose eggs that were laid by healthy chickens, preferably from a farm where the chickens are allowed to roam around (the technical term is "free-range"), and where no hormones or unhealthy chemicals are injected into the chickens

Finally, it is best to consume eggs that have never been refrigerated. Once an egg has been refrigerated, it looses some of its nutritional value, and it isn't able to stay fresh as long. The solution is to buy eggs from a local farm that is willing to set aside eggs for you without refrigerating them. Then, store the eggs in a cool, dry, low-light environment until you're ready to consume them.

However, if your only option is to get eggs that have already been refrigerated, it's best to keep them refrigerated until you're ready to consume them. Keeping the eggs outside of the fridge after they have been previously refrigerated can cause the eggs to become rotten very quickly.

How To Prepare Raw Eggs For Consumption

When you're ready to start guzzling, first rinse off the eggs, and then crack them carefully into a glass or container. Be careful not to damage the yokes for two reasons: first of all, to ensure optimum health benefits, and second of all to avoid the strong flavor that the yokes have.

Next, smell the eggs to make sure they aren't rotten. If they smell rotten, don't drink them. If they smell fine (meaning, they don't have much of a smell at all), go ahead an guzzle, guzzle, guzzle.

You can consume anywhere from 1 to 6 eggs at a time. To prepare your body, it's best to start out with one or two eggs a day, and to gradually build up to the desired quantity.

You can consume the eggs at any time of the day, during or after meals. But for maximum effectiveness, consume the eggs as a meal replacement or between meals. That way your body has a chance to utilize all the beneficial components of each egg.

So as you can see, it is generally safe to eat raw eggs, as long as the eggs come from healthy chickens, and as long as you take proper care of the eggs.

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