Do Detox Foot Pads Work?

If you're wondering, "Do detox foot pads work?", you probably have never tried them before. Because if you'd tried them already, you probably wouldn't be questioning their effectiveness.

There are three things that cause me to believe that they work, or at least might work: the logic behind them makes sense, the color of the pads change when used, and some people feel better or see improvements after using them. Once you hear my perspective on the matter, you'll be better equipped to draw your own conclusions.

The Logic Makes Sense

Here's the idea: putting the skin on your feet in contact with some special ingredients can help the body to eliminate toxins. It's a simple concept, and it's logical.

Try taking a foot bath in clay, or try bathing in diluted apple cider vinegar, and you'll quickly realize how much of an impact things can have when put in contact with skin. Remember, the skin is a very receptive organ, and it absorbs a lot, quickly.

The Color Changes

Still wondering, Do detox foot pads work? This should help you decide. After having the pads on your feet for a whole night, or even just a few hours, you'll probably notice that the inside of the pads have become much darker. Coincidence? I don't see how it could be.

Again, put your feet in clay water 15 or 20 minutes, and watch that clay water change color (it gets darker). Toxins are dark, and when pulled from the body through the skin, they darken other things, including detox pads.

Some People Feel Better

I know that not everything that makes you feel better is good, but feeling better can be a good indicator of something's effectiveness. I mean, if detox food pads don't work, why do some people feel better after using them? And how have some people become healthier after using them?

I personally have felt better upon waking after using detox pads a few nights in a row. I feel like I'm more rested and I feel "lighter."

These are just my thoughts, but I think I've brought up some good points. The idea of using detox foot pads to remove toxins makes sense, and differences can be seen and felt after using them.

You obviously can tell that I'm in full support of using detox pads. But now that I've shared my thoughts, I'll put the question back to you, "Do detox foot pads work?" You may have to try them before you can give a solid answer.

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