Potential Chia Seed Side Effects

If you are nervous about eating chia seeds because you think they could be harmful to you, then you should first learn about some potential chia seed side effects.

For most people, these seeds are very healthy and do not pose any risks, but for some they could do long-term damage. Once you know what dangers chia seeds could pose, you will be in a better position to decide if or how you should include these incredibly healthy seeds in your regular diet.

Many Health Benefits

First of all, it is important to realize that chia seeds are very nutritious. They can boost your energy, help your stomach digest food, and possibly strengthen your bones and muscles. Those are just a few of many health benefits of chia seeds.

Low Blood Pressure

When ingested, chia seeds may lower blood pressure source and effect the blood and heart in numerous other ways. On one hand, this is a good thing for those whose blood pressure is too high. Eating chia seeds are a natural way to stabalize high blood pressure.

But what about those whose blood pressure is already too low? Chia seeds are probably not a good food for that type of person. It's not worth risking the effects of low blood pressure!


Chia seed side effects could possibly include allergic reactions. Just as some people can be allergic to nuts, bee products, and other foods, some people may be allergic to chia seeds. If you are nervous about eating these seeds because you think you might be allergic to them, seek proffessional medical help. That way, a doctor can give you an accurate, safe recommendation.

Some doctors may recommend consuming a small amount of chia seeds so that you can gauge your body's reaction. However, other doctors may be able to tell right away that you should not eat any of them. That's why you want to seek professional help. Your health (and life) is not something to gamble with.

Digestion Problems

For most poeople, chia seeds help to improve digestion in the stomach. But others, particularly those dealing with problems in the stomach, could experience undesirable results source, such as stomach pain or bloating. If you do experience such problems after eating these seeds, you may want to seek medical help, stop eating the seeds, or at least reduce the quantity you eat.

Chia seeds have a very high nutritional value. Hopefully these possible side effects do not deter you from learning more about these amazing seeds. They can be very helpful to the body!

Just be aware that they could cause blood pressure to drop too low, trigger allergic reactions, cause digestion problems, and more. Now that you now a few chia seed side effects, you can more accurately decide if or how you want to include these seeds in your diet.

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