Apple Cider Vinegar For Warts

If you're trying to figure out if you should use apple cider vinegar for warts on your body, then this article is for you. We'll talk about how you can apply it, what you can expect, and how it compares to other remedies. Once you have this information, you will be better prepared to either go ahead and start applying what you've learned, or to do some more research before trying it out.

How To Apply It

Let's skip to the action steps first. There are numerous ideas out there about how to apply apple cider vinegar on warts, but here are some ideas. Dabbing a small cotton swab in apple cider vinegar or diluted apple cider vinegar (abbreviated as ACV), and keeping that on the skin with a bandage or tape, seems to be most popular. It's easy to apply, and it allows you to go about your regular work throughout the day.

Another idea on how to use apple cider vinegar on warts is to soak the affected area in apple cider vinegar diluted with water. However, that exposes even more skin to highly-concentrated ACV, and it doesn't allow you to move around and get work done.

If you prefer, you could apply the ACV soaked cotton swab before you go to bed so that it is doing its work while you sleep. Then, in the morning, remove it and put a fresh one on the next night.

What To Expect

The wart(s) may not necessarily be removed with this remedy. Everyone is different. But some have seen results in a couple days or a week or two. The wart may turn dark or black before it goes away or falls off, so don't become startled if that happens.

Also, be aware that if you are applying undiluted apple cider vinegar to the wart with a cotton swab, the ACV may irritate the surrounding skin. Try to keep the targeted area as small as possible, and consider applying a moisturizer to the surrounding skin when the cotton swab is not on.

What About Other Remedies?

This is just one of numerous other possible remedies to get rid of warts. None are guaranteed to work, since each individual is different. Using apple cider vinegar for warts is a natural remedy and seems to be quite safe, if done properly.

The skin is very absorptive, so it is important to avoid applying chemicals to it. So it's best not to use harmful chemicals on warts to remove them, as those chemicals could negatively impact the rest of the body. This makes ACV much more appealing, because it is a natural substance that carries many other health benefits.

Now that you know how and why to use apple cider vinegar for warts, I encourage you to continue your research before coming up with a plan of action. When you do try out this possible remedy, keep close tabs on what happens, and if anything undesirable happens, change what you are doing. It's just common sense.

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