Fun With Healthy Food

What's so fun about eating healthy food? Well, it feels good to be healthy!

Have you ever been sick? Was it fun? Of course not! No one thinks, "Oh yipee, I'm sick again!" or "I can hardly wait to be sick again."

Being healthy is much more fun! When you're healthy you can do what you want to do - run around, work, exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and so on.

And the truth is, it's actually pretty easy to stay healthy. I think that one reason some people aren't healthy is because they think it's hard or unusual. But with a little bit of knowledge, and a willingness to try new things, almost anyone can experience better health and have fun at the same time.

There are many factors that determine how healthy a person is - mental health, spiritual health, physical health, etc. Although they are all important, we will primarily be talking about physical health on this website.

As you browse through the information on this website, take some time to experiment with the suggestions I give, and do your own research as well. I think you'll discover that eating healthy food is not just "the right thing" to do... it's also fun!

Peace be the journey,

Jonathan Hostetler